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Morfa Newydd 

A Hidden Gem between the Castle and the Beach


"Morfa Newydd" translated from Welsh means "New Marshland" and is built on land that a long, long time ago, was hidden under the sea.

It was originally built during the mid 18th century as a farm known as Glan Mor (seashore). Through the years, the farmland was split into smaller lots and sold off. In 1923, another piece of the land was sold and the house renamed Morfa Newydd. From then on the house was extended to become a substantial family home and the remaining outbuilding became a small cottage.

During World War II, the house was used as an Officers' Mess and later became the summer residence of Lord and Lady Docker of B.S.A. (Birmingham Small Arms) and the Daimler Motor Company fame - some local residents remember seeing Lady Docker's Daimler, adorned with 7000 gold plated stars, parked in the drive!

After living in Harlech for many years and always admiring Morfa Newydd, we finally acquired it in 2000.

Guests from all walks of life have stayed with us and returned many times - artists, walkers, beach lovers, cyclists, golfers, historians and bird watchers - one thing they have all said - they love the warm welcome and calming atmosphere and leave relaxed and refreshed.